How Viral Tik Tok Video “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac Shows the ‘Receptive Mode’

How Viral Tik Tok Video "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac Shows the 'Receptive Mode'

The biggest social media viral star right now is Nathan Apodaca who put Fleetwood Mac’s classic vibe “Dreams” back onto the charts and radios and playlists of generations created decades after its release. Weeks after capturing an innocent snapshot of his life, longboarding down the road towards work while drinking a huge bottle of Ocean Spray and filming himself, Apodaca’s carefree and laid-back spirit brought smiles to millions of viewers.

So far he’s received tens of thousands of dollars in donations, a pimped-out truck with a lifetime supply of Ocean Spray, goodie bags from hip hop artists like Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony and countless interviews.

Without trying too hard, and enjoying the simple things in life like having a fun alternative to his car which broke down that morning he took the longboard out, he got himself into what Abraham and Esther Hicks call ‘The Receptive Mode’. This is where you stop resistance in your being, in your emotions and thoughts so much that you just allow what you have asked for into your reality, as one of the steps in the processes of The Law of Attraction.

So, take a moment to appreciate the essence of this short clip and see if you can recreate that feeling with a similar simple action.


Here’s the original video:

Tik Tok Video “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac by Nathan Apodaca

Here’s a great cover and compilation of videos that made me smile and laugh and enjoy the moment.

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